Why Use Peter Graham & Partners

Peter Graham & Partners were established in 1961 and have a long and proven history of providing our clients with high quality construction consultant services throughout Scotland – Cost Management, Quantity Surveying, Project Management and CDM Services. We have been providing CDM Regulations services to Clients for over 20 years and so have extensive specialist experience in this field – under the 1994 Regs as Planning Supervisor, the 2007 Regs as CDM Coordinator and under the current 2015 Regs we are providing a range of CDM2015 services.

Principal Designer

All construction projects involving more than one contractor legally require a “Principal Designer” which is purely a health & safety role, despite the title. We have been independently assessed and certified to act as the CDM “Principal Designer” and have the requisite health & safety skills, training, knowledge, experience and insurances in place to do so. Full details are available upon request and also included in our detailed fee and service proposals.

A common misconception is that the Principal Designer role must be undertaken by the lead designer/Architect for the project but this is not the case. Clients can choose whoever they wish to act as Principal Designer provided they meet the criteria and can demonstrate the necessary H&S skills, knowledge and experience (Per HSE L153 Guidance). Clients who value an independent appointment can still appoint a 3rd party “Principal Designer” and this approach is being taken by many Clients.

We also provide “Advisor to Principal Designer” services to Architects & Engineers who find themselves appointed as Principal Designer but who need to sub-consult the role…

Advisor to Principal Designer

You may have been appointed as Principal Designer but need assistance?

Many Architects and Engineers are finding Clients wish to directly appoint them as Principal Designer but that these Architects and Engineers often do not have the in-house health & safety skills, training, knowledge and experience to carry out this CDM health & safety based role. In these cases it is perfectly acceptable (and common) for the designer in question to sub-consult to a CDM specialist consultant to provide assistance in providing the Principal Designer service. NB: We do not currently offer this advisor service on ‘domestic client’ projects.

Principal Designer Duties

The key duties include:

  • Plan manage and monitor the pre construction phase and coordinate matters relating to health and safety during the pre construction phase so that, as far as reasonably practicable, the project is carried out without risks to health or safety.
  • Identify, eliminate or control risks that are foreseeable and significant
  • Ensure coordination and cooperation (in H&S terms)
  • Ensure all designers comply with their CDM duties
  • Pre Construction Information – Prepare & provide to others who need it
  • Liaise with Principal Contractor & assist in preparation of Construction Phase Plan
  • Prepare the H&S File during pre construction phase and pass to Client at the end of the project or to Principal Contractor if appointment ends earlier